A GAME CHANGER APP - For Lecturers & Students

For 5 Day Whatsapp Class & Workshop

"Quickly Create Beautiful 

Engagement Classes 

That Convert Your Visitors into Leads and then Customers..."

(Without having to hire or rely on tech team!)

What is Binge Secrets?

Binge Secrets System helps you to increase your conversion and keep your customers engaged. It helps you build a controlled experience for your students.

How You Can Use BingeSecrets For Your Business?

BingeSecrets can help your students engaged, it can help you build trust with your students, and the best of all it would provide a controlled experience which could lead to increase in your conversions.

Where Can You Implement This?

You can use BingeSecrets System where you want your student to have a controlled experience, want to increase the level of user engagement.

When Can You Implement This?

You can use BingeSecrets System when you want to increase your students show up rate. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to create an account?

It is very simple, you contact us on account@bingesecrets.com, we will help you setup your account in the backend.


How can my student's use this app

You need to share the app link, they can login to the app with the credential you provide them.


Is App Free For the Students to use

Yes, the app is free for the student to use.


How easy it is to use the app?

It is very easy, Your student can download the app, enter his credential provided by you. He would have complete access to the app.