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We're In The Business Of Helping Coaches Grow their BUSINESS

  • Automate Follow ups
  • Add Push Notifications
  • Send Personalize Messages
  • Give your participant a controlled learning experience
  • Don't need to worry about email or sms reminders
  • Give Controlled Experience to participants.

BingeSecrets is An Important Thing Your

Coaching Needs To Succeed Online.

We bring all the things that would help you with coaching in one place.

Use Cases For This System

  • Use is along with your 5 day WhatsApp class.
  • Use it along with your 2-5 day workshop class or challenge.
  • Works like an employee, that keeps your participants engaged.
  • Send Reminders so that the participants don't forget.


With the support from our team, you will know the best strategies the most successful online coaches are using to make a ton of money online so you don’t have to waste another dollar on.


With our all-in-one follow up and auto reminder platform, you will be able to keep your tools in one place (while saving a fortune) and streamline your entire delivery process so you can focus on keeping your students happy.


BingeSecrets will help you grow your coaching business by connecting you with your participant and students in a engaging manner.

This is for coaches, content creators & AGENCIES who

  • who are starting their online coaching business
  • who have not been successful in coaching
  • who want to gamify their workshop
  • who have failed but want to try once again.
  • who want to their students to complete the program.
  • who want to give back more to their participant.
  • who are helping coach grow

This is a system, that is build for coaches to improve their engagement with participant so that it can help them increase their trust and conversions.

Our system's objective is to...

Increases your conversion

with the benefit of this app, you can set it up to auto engage with your participant, remind them via push notification to buy your upsell

increases your participant show up rate

we all forget, your participant might also forget to show up, but using this system, you remind them multiple time with just few steps.

You don't need to be a tech guy

This system is build using coaches in mind, we want the coaches to be good in coaching and the system is developed keeping coach friendliness in mind.

Features & Benefits of using BingeSecrets

Their are so many benefits of using this system, will try to list it much as possible


Leaderboard - Show them they are not alone… 

With the help of leaderboard we should they participant that they are not alone in the workshop, there are others also in it to grow. Participant would be more motivate to take action as they would see that others are taking action.

Scoreboard - Give them scores…

Just imagine, 2 Teams playing with having a scoreboard, no one knows what they have scores, would it be fun for them? or would it be entertaining for the spectators. Having scores gives them motivation to take action, as it shows that they have been growing. 

Give Bonuses - reward them when they take action

When your participant takes action, make sure to reward him, using this system it is very easy to provide them bonuses for the task they have completed.

Give Them Badges - So they feel they are growing every day.

By giving user badges and bonuses is the best way to provide instant feedback to the user who is taking action, once they see that they are part of something and they are growing. User would want get the all the badges to make sure he complete your program to the fullest.

Personalize the experience - Follow up - Call out them and remind them to complete the task.

By sending personalised local push notification to the user feel like you are sending him. He feel that you do care for him. That is fine, because you are using this system, so that your user gets an awesome experience.


create your own campaign - Supports pre-recorded, Live & Both workshop

We have created the user interface keeping coach friendliness in mind. It is simple and easy to create a workshop campaign.

Easy to setup NOTIFICATION - Set it up once and forget it...

We know that notification is very important part when it comes to sending reminders. As this system is developed using workshop in mind, the notifications are also managed in easily manner.

TIMEZONE - Works according to your country timezone.

We know that this system would be used based on coaches around the globe, so we have included the timezone feature seamlessly so that set it up once and then forget it. The whole system will follow it and work according to it.

More Features are included and more to come...

We know that we don't want to complicate things for the coaches who would be using our system, so we have integrated many features seamlessly to have a great user experience. We are not yet done, we would be adding more features and benefits that can help our coach grow.

summary of features & Benefits

  • Create Campaign
  • Create Local Push Notification Reminders
  • Import Single / Bulk Users
  • Supports Pre-Recorded Workshop
  • Supports Live Workshop
  • App - Leaderboard Section
  • App - Scoreboard Section
  • App - Homescreen Timer
  • App - Before Class Starts Point Screen
  • App - Offer Screen & More...

BingeSecrets is An Important Thing Your

Coaching Needs To Succeed Online.

We bring all the things that would help you with coaching in one place.

response coaches get from their student

about the app and the user experience... You add more value to them...

"Hope this app will make things.."

"Dedication of the coach in launching the app..."

"this app will assist us in learning..."

"user friendly..."

"anybody can easily..."

"app is a self mentor..."

"easy to use... "

"bright future in the... "

How you can get started

We have designed this system keeping coaches and their participant in mind. 

It is very easy and simple to get you started.

Sign up

Sign up easily by filling the checkout form

Create Your workshop Campaign

follow the simple steps to create your workshop campaign

Increase your conversion

copy and past the app link for your participant to start engaging.

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